Accessorize Your Open Station Tractor

Many open station tractors still work daily on farms all across America. To make the most out of your open station as well as be as comfortable as you can there are accessories you can buy to make your days shorter. 


JENSEN AM/FM Fender Mount Stereo

The Jensen Radio is a popular choice and gets great reception. It has lots of presets and functions as well as a headphone jack. My only complaint is that it does not have an aux input.

REI Fender-Mounted AM/FM/WB Radio, RAF4W

The REI radio is another great choice. It features an aux input and a 50 watt stereo. It also has 30 presets.

Cup Holders

Diamond Plate Magnetic Cup Holder

This cup holder can hold a standard can and is magnetic to place on any metal surface.

ROBOCUP 12 Colors

The RoboCup attachtes to many different applications easily and without tools. It can hold 2 beverages of many different sizes and is very handy.

Camco Adjustable Drink Holder

This cup holder mounts with bolts or screws easily to your fender or other spot. It also folds up nicely and is a very economical choice.

Adjustable Cup Holder

This is a simple drink holder that can attach easily to many different options. It is a good choice if you just want a simple rugged cup holder.


Tuff Top Tractor Canopy For ROPS 48" X 52" 

Available in many colors and is a sturdy choice. It mounts to your ROPS and is affordable. 

3-Bow Tractor Canopy with Frame Fender Mount 48" 

This canopy mounts to your fenders easily and is a popular choice amongst classic tractors. It is also available in multiple colors.